An Extraordinary Selection of Rare Books

We are pleased to introduce our Company. The Company operates from its offices in Madrid and Texas and aims to get professionals, collectors and lovers of unique artworks closer to the exciting world of the rare books and manuscripts, specialist in Spanish books, Central and Latin America, México.

Our dedicated and profesional teal will be happy to welcome you, sharing these unique pieces for your enjoyment and helping you on any question your may have. We have extensive profesional experience and pathway. We are proud of being very well recognized in the world of Antique books. Our activities started in Spain focusing first in the Spanish market but given the significant growth of our international customer base we are expanding activities in Europe and USA.

Elena Gallego Rare Books offers an extraordinary selection of rare books and autographs editions, manuscripts, maps, historic documents and long list of unique pieces that could change the way you see the rare and Antique books. We offer Appraisals, Collection Development and Catalogues, Auctions, private Treatry sales.

Take the time to look into our website and enjoy the amazing and precious fine and unique pieces we are offering to you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel attracted or interested in any of these ítems ori f you are just looking for something specific and special for you. Our network and list of contacts worlwide allow us to help you finding whatever you are looking for.